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General Terms and Conditions
of Contract for the Sale of Tourist Packages

Technical Organization SEL - Sport & Event Logistics Ltd. License No. 09962330016 - 09022015 - 1816.


SEL - Sport & Event Logistics srl has entered into, in accordance with Article 47 paragraph 2,Legislative Decree 62/2018 Professional Liability policy with TUA ASSURANCE No. 4032451000286.

The tourist packages sold under the contract governed by these general conditions, are assisted by a guarantee for the refund of the price paid for the purchase of the tourist package and the immediate return of the tourist, in cases of insolvency or bankruptcy in accordance with the provisions of the 2nd paragraph of Article 47 of the Tourism Code. For this purpose SEL - Sport & Event Logistics srl1 declares that it adheres to have taken out Professional Liability policy with TUA ASSURANCE no. 4032451000286.

Travelers may contact this entity or, if applicable, the authority such as the AGCM Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e Del Mercato, based in Rome P.zza Verdi 6° - tel.06 858211- if services are denied due to the insolvency of the organizer or seller.


Currencies and exchange rates
The fees in the catalog, when presenting individual products and confirming services, unless otherwise stated, are to be considered expressed in euros

Individual practice management fee € for each adult and € for each child between 2 and 12 years of age not completed enrolled in the travel package at the time of booking and/or confirmation of services.


Any change requested by the traveler subsequent to the confirmation of the services forming part of the package, will result in the charge to the tourist of € 50.00 per practice; in the event that the airline tickets have already been issued at the time of the change by the tourist, the penalties and expenses provided by the IATA or the carrier will be charged in addition to the above-mentioned change fees, as well as the payment to the organizer of all additional expenses incurred to make the change. In the case of substantial changes to the dossier, such as change of destination or change of departure date, the regulations of cancellation penalties shown in this data sheet may be applied. The change of the name of the renouncing customer with that of the substitute may not be accepted by a third party service provider, in relation to certain types of them, even if it is made within the term of the General Conditions of Contract for the sale of tourist packages.
Therefore, the organizer will not be responsible for any non-acceptance of the change by the third party service providers. Such non-acceptance will be promptly communicated by the organizer to the parties concerned prior to departure.


A deposit equal to 30 percent of the price of the tour package in accordance with the General Conditions of Participation must be paid at the time of booking, together with the balance of the airfare and services requiring prepayment, while the balance must be paid at least thirty days prior to the date of departure (unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing). For bookings made from the thirtieth day prior to departure, the full amount of the tour package must be paid at the time of booking.

Failure to make the above payments on the stipulated dates shall constitute an express termination clause of the contract, without prejudice to compensation for further damages suffered by the organization.


Cancellation penalties

A traveler who cancels the contract prior to departure outside the assumptions listed in the General Conditions of Contract for the Sale of Tourist Packages will be charged-regardless of the payment of the deposit and except where otherwise specified below and/or when confirming services-the individual practice management fee, the cost of insurance coverage and, except where otherwise specified on the presentation pages of the individual products in this brochure and/or when confirming services, the penalties calculated as a percentage of the gross participation fee as indicated below:


- 20% cancellation fee up to 30 days prior to departure date

- 50% cancellation fee from 29 to 15 days prior to departure date

- 75% cancellation fee from 14 to 4 days before departure date

- 100% cancellation fee from 3 to 0 days before the departure date


No refund will be given for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the start of the tour. If the client does not show up on the agreed date, there will be no refund.


SEL and BEX are not responsible for other expenses incurred such as non-refundable airline tickets.


Special rules in case of bad weather

In case of continuous heavy rain or unsafe weather conditions: SEL may offer a replacement bike tour/hike in another area or find a new agreed upon date and time for the tour/hike; or an exception may be made to the booking cancellation conditions and allow a free cancellation. Please note that free cancellation of a tour/hike due to inclement weather, unusable or unsafe routes is only possible if agreed upon via email with SEL.



Clients participate in our tours/hikes at their own risk. Tour/hike participants must obey traffic laws and laws regarding the use and abuse of illegal substances such as drugs and alcohol at all times. SEL is not responsible for injuries or damages caused by willful or negligent behavior of tour participants, accidental falls, and accidents occurring during tours/hikes. Participants must decide for themselves whether they are able or in an appropriate state to be able to complete the tour/hike safely. During guided tours/hikes and bicycle rental, it is mandatory to wear a bicycle helmet when using the same.


Limitation of Liability

SEL is not responsible for damage caused by insufficient operation of bicycles provided by SEL or partner suppliers or private bicycles used during the tour/hike. Participants must check the efficiency of their bicycles themselves before the start of the tour/hike and inform the guide immediately in case of any problems.


Reporting of defects

In case of insufficient or defective services, participants may request assistance. In this case, participants are obligated to notify SEL by informing the guide or calling the organization at the number provided. SEL may refuse to provide assistance when the assistance requested is not directly related to the services provided. If the customer is responsible for not reporting defects, the customer's claims may be invalidated in whole or in part.


Cancellation by SEL

In very rare cases it may be necessary for SEL to cancel a tour for any reason. In case of cancellation you can choose one of the following options:


1. SEL will refund the entire deposit.

    You can use the deposit for any other BEX trip already confirmed in the same season

2. SEL will offer you a voucher of the value spent for the package.



All personal data made available to SEL by the customer will be processed electronically and will be used solely for contractual or customer service purposes. SEL is obliged to comply with the rules set forth in the European Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) regarding the collection, processing and use of personal data. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully


Terms and conditions for bicycle rental

Bicycle rental and storage and bicycle accessories

SEL is required to ensure that all rental equipment is in working condition at the beginning of the rental period. By their signature, the person renting (hereafter referred to as "the customer") declares that the equipment is in good working order. The customer must show a personal identification document. The customer must consent to the completion of the necessary personal information. If the ID does not show a valid mailing address, the customer must pay a deposit of €200. SEL reserves the right to retain this deposit if the rented bicycle or bicycle accessories are not returned, or returned with significant damage. This does not relieve the customer of responsibility for the difference up to the damage incurred.


Terms of Payment

The rental price must be paid at the time of signing the rental agreement.

Extension of the rental period
An extension of the rental period must be agreed upon before the end of the initial rental period. If the rental period is not met and no notice is given of the intention to extend the rental period, SEL will notify theft within 24 hours.
Minimum age requirements
The minimum age for bicycle rentals is 18 years old. Youth and children under the age of 18 may use rental bicycles only under the supervision of an adult. In this case, the adult concerned is responsible through his/her signature on the rental agreement.
Use of bicycles and bicycle accessories
The customer declares by his or her signature that he or she is in a condition to use the equipment and that he or she is aware of the Highway Code and is responsible for compliance with these traffic regulations both on and off the road. Without express written permission, the following is not permitted: to use bicycles on downhill trails; to use bicycles for freeriding, fourcross, dirt jumping, or trial riding; to use bicycles for sport competitions; to re-hire bicycles or bicycle equipment to third parties. The customer is responsible for guarding the rental equipment against theft. When rented bicycles are not in use, the renter is obligated to secure the bicycle to an anchored object (such as a bike rack or lamp post). The customer must notify SEL immediately if the rented equipment is lost or stolen. The customer will be responsible for paying the costs of the value of the equipment in case of loss or theft. The customer is required to register cases of theft with law enforcement and notify SEL.

Limitation of Liability
SEL is liable for limited damage to persons or property only when the damage is clearly caused by SEL or otherwise caused by SEL's actions. Such claims must be made directly to SEL, at the latest with the return of the rented equipment. The disclaimer applies to hidden defects or material defects. SEL is not responsible for damage caused to the equipment during the rental period.
Customer's liability for damage to the equipment
The customer is required to return the rental equipment in good working order and without damage. Repair costs for damage to the rented equipment during the rental period are the responsibility of the customer. Claims must be made by SEL when the rental equipment is returned. Repairs must be made by SEL. Repairs may not be made by the customer or a third party without the express permission of SEL.
If the customer is involved in a road or off-road accident, the customer must call SEL for assistance, giving the exact location and details of the accident. In case of an emergency, the customer must call the Italian emergency number 112.
18. General Rules.
All agreements between the customer and SEL, are governed by Italian law. Jurisdiction and place of performance is Turin. Should individual clauses of these Terms and Conditions be legally ineffective, this does not affect the validity of the remaining clauses.


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