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    What does “escape” mean for you?
    For BEX it means riding away from everyday life on two wheels, for any level of difficulty or comfort.

    BEX - Bike Escape Experience organizes guided bike tours, training camps and triathlon experiences for all passionate athletes and amateurs, accompanying them to Italy and abroad.

    We offer tailor-made or prearranged tours for small groups, choosing only the best destinations, trails and activities to create your own escape experience.


    Born from the passion for two wheels, our mission is to offer your own customized escape, whether you are looking for a challenging route or a peaceful ride immersed in nature.

    Get on your bike and start riding!


    What are you looking for when you pick a guided bike tour?

    Some may be in for a challenging route, others may be craving a peaceful joyride immersed in nature.
    Whatever your ideal escape, BEX takes care of the experience through:

    Tonnara di Scopello


    Charming destinations that will make your escape unforgettable.

    Tramonto in Toscana


    We select only the best, most suited courses to your level.

    Barrel Stack


    Experience your destination 100% through its culinary culture.

    Prendere una pausa


    We take care of the tour in every detail relying on experienced local guides.

    There are multiple aspects to consider like destinations, trails, balance between pedaling and relax, discovering the territory and none of them should be left out in order to create a truly remarkable, unique escape.

    Thanks to our decades of experience, we are able to build tour packages, designed according to the desires of each guest, in order to make them live an unforgettable experience.

    Contact us at for any information about our bike tours!

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